"Canyon Mist"


A thick shround of coastal fog wraps everything in a blanket of silent as you ascend up into the Malibu hills - mist so thick you need to find the side of the road and wait a few minutes as the day begins to warm up. The hillsides, normally alive with the sounds of songbirds and the rush of wind through trees are eerily quiet, making your aloneness all the more real on this moody morning.

Canyon Mist

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  • Each print is custom made and hand framed by Framebridge. Printing is done on large-format Epson printers using Premium Luster 260 gsm paper. Framebridge's mouldings are made of solid wood with premium finishes, including acid-free materials and acrylic with UV protection. Every frame is inspected by experts to ensure perfection before shipping out of Framebridge's studios here in the United States, and arrive ready-to-hang.