"Ghost Protocol"


90 minutes from sunrise, deep into country you've only just become familiar with - the goods were due to show up two hours ago, and all you've heard from your pocket radio is a steady stream of ghostly static. Part of you is starting to think this was a setup, and that part of you is usually right. Checking your watch, its abundantly clear you should've left an hour ago...and those distant voices you're starting to hear, in a language you don't understand, don't sound like the welcoming party you were hoping for.

Ghost Protocol

Frame Color
  • Each print is custom made and hand framed by Framebridge. Printing is done on large-format Epson printers using Premium Luster 260 gsm paper. Framebridge's mouldings are made of solid wood with premium finishes, including acid-free materials and acrylic with UV protection. Every frame is inspected by experts to ensure perfection before shipping out of Framebridge's studios here in the United States, and arrive ready-to-hang.