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Life has a gut wrenching, shockingly instantaneous way sometimes of reminding you that our existence on this earth is not permanent. There is a finality, and while we don't know when that will be, I think our collective presumption is, "Not today, not tomorrow".

I and some of my colleagues received word of a good friend and professional acquaintance's sudden passing early this week and its been quite a shock to the system. He was in good health and good spirits up until the moment he passed, which makes his loss all the more confusing. To come to grips with the fact that one of the good guys has left us, permanently, injects a huge fracture into life, and if I'm honest with myself, it's a stark reminder that life as of late has mostly been filled with way too much meaningless work and not enough appreciation for what life should really be about.

The reality that I'll never see this gentleman again in a Board room, never get to hear his infectious laugh and watch his inquisitive personality work over a problem or situation is devastating. I'm embarrassed and upset with myself that I didn't spend more time asking about him and his family the last time I saw him in June. His magnetism was something to behold, and as a young professional I found myself frequently scribbling down mental notes about how he operated so that I could be like that some day.

We'll all miss you Mike. I'm proud to have known and learned from you. I cherish the short time I knew you and know, wholeheartedly, that your legacy will last indefinitely.

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