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Parting thoughts

These days I try pretty hard to not make a big deal of new years (and new decades for that matter) - a lot of that probably has to do with a lengthy track record of failure when it comes to fulfilling New Years' resolutions. The longest I've ever seem to make it with eating/exercising/be-better goals is mid-February, and at this point it's just easier to forget the concept in its entirety than pretend we'll make some actual headway this time around. Social media posts and marketing emails would have me think otherwise but I will try to hold the line for another 8 hours or so.

All the same, I do find that recognition and celebration that we're down to the final pages of this chapter in life is well-suited for reflection. For our family, the common thread in 2019 seemed to be one of travel and discovery, both in our new L.A. home and abroad. For me, a lot of this was experienced from behind a camera lens, and I finally feel like I've been able to re-discover a creative voice that was lost after graduating from college. I spent some time today sifting through the thousands of pictures that were taken this year, and some of the most memorable are below.




Santa Monica




Palm Springs




I still don't entirely know the story I'm trying to tell but it feels like I'm making forward progress. Which is all we're really after at the end of the day isn't it? To be a little better today than yesterday, and live in a way where there's prospect that tomorrow might end the same way. Here's to tomorrow

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