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Cars, Coffee and Soft T-Shirts

Inaugural post! I have no idea how this is supposed to go, and I imagine that if I keep this up and look back on this in a year, I'll cringe a bit. But every thousand-post blog journey starts with the first word, as the saying goes.

Buck Mason has quickly become one of my favorite menswear stores since moving out to Santa Monica 18 months ago. No-nonsense style, rarely if ever a logo emblazoned across the front of a shirt and a super chill aesthetic - my kind of vibe. Needless to say I retooled my entire t-shirt collection after my first purchase and wear, and that quickly extended to a overhaul of all my shorts and midweight long-sleeve t's. Back in Boston I could never get away with that as a daily wardrobe but hey, we've in SoCal now so we're going to act like it.

So when they announced a "Dirty Cars | Black Coffee" event last Saturday morning at their flagship store in Hancock Park, I knew I'd be there bright and early. And man did it not disappoint. Coffee by Go Get 'Em Tiger, donuts by Trejo's Donuts and of course, cars. Lots of incredible cars.

The morning line up

Miami Vice mode - Lotus Esprit Turbo

One of the only owners to take the "Dirty Cars | Black Coffee" event literally - gorgeous dust of sand over most of the body

'Dem booties 'tho - 2002 + 911

One of the best parts about our move west last year has been watching the sheer number of amazing cars zip around this city on the daily basis. It's hard not to be in Los Angeles and avoid eight to twelve cylinders of throaty goodness blasting by you on the freeway or opening it up on the PCH. But the best part about the car culture here is that people love to talk about and share the stories that surround their machines. I spoke with Jim for a good 30 minutes about his new International Scout fresh off the trailer from Oregon, and plans to teach his young daughter how to drive manual with it some day. Dave and his Mercury Comet - a present from his belated boss's wife that serves as a poignant connection to both his own father and his old boss. Mahalo friend!

Cosmic Comet, a gift from the family of an old boss and daily reminder of how important that man was. When asked if he was ever going to update the exterior, Dave responded "Nah...I think I like it how it is". Props

Alfa Romeo Italian goodness with some of the cleanest paint and bodywork I've ever seen


Skyline GTR, right hand drive - what JDM dreams are made of, and the star of the show for me

An LA-morning well-spent by any measure, and I now have visions of saving beer money for our own four-on-the-floor project car...just need to run that plan by my wife at some point.

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